20. 02. 2020
Eurolanche has come back to Los Angeles after three years. The first impressions were not good. Poverty, dangerous and dirty city. After a 1-hour walk around our neighborhood, we continued in exploring the city with our rented van which has a Colorado license plate. Our first stop was nearby the Hollywood sign where we took many pictures. The next stops included couple of views of Los Angeles with more new beautiful pics. We could only amaze surrounding buildings in the famous Beverly Hills area. When we approached a location where the house of Charlie Mansons murders was once, we had a conflict with the local which I would describe in my next book about Eurolanche - probably. It has took so many energy from me, so I wished to leave the city ASAP.

Later, we took some pics in front of the Beverly Hills sign as well as on the Walk of Fame with crazy attractions around. About the food, we ate at two authentic and famous Los Angeles fast foods - Original Tommys and In-N-Out Burger.

Yes, Los Angeles is not Denver. Definitely. We are staying in not so safe zone, as we were told by our followers. It was hard to find anything for reliable price for 12 people. We would like take advantage of our group size. We are not going to plan walk outside after dark anyway. The only exception was a visit of the Kings game by some of our members, but they still used the Uber. Do not worry, we will be fine!

- David

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