27. 12. 2014
After 35+ hours of traveling and 14+ hours in the sky we can say it was one of the longest trip that we have ever done in the Eurolanche Invasion history. It was crazy time, but finally we are now in Denver and ready for Saturday's game against Chicago Blackhakws.

Invasion VII members met on Wednesday evening in Budapest, Hungary. Some of the memebers who traveled from far distance stayed at the hotel, but most of them slept at the airport. Then we took a first fight to Brussels, Belgium for the next two hours.

After another 4-hour waiting for the next departure and after a special security interview and check, we continued in the Invasion journey to Washington DC. In spite of the fact this flight took more than 8 hours, it wasn't problem for two members who had never flew before. It is a great example that Invasion is really for everyone with no matter how experienced is he or she.

Sleeping, watching shows, eating - three main activities that you can do on long overseas flights. Suprisingly, it went fast and after an immigration interview in a main city of USA, we were supposed to wait for another 4 hours for our final, third fight to Denver. But the plane was delayed for one hour that had extended our tiredness. It was a hell!

Finally, we spent last four hours at the plane and then went to our hotel. Saturday's main part of Invasion schedule is a visit of the game against Chicago of course. We will update our photo gallery after that and bring you more information.

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