12. 02. 2019
Eurolanche Invasion XI is now on! On Tuesday, first five of 12 participants arrived to Denver. Actually, Maja has been in the US for a while on a visit of her family and friends. So early in the morning of European time, me and Norbert met in Vienna, Austria. After smooth flight to London, we were joined by Kieran from Scotland. Our almost 10-hour flight to Denver was the best flight in my entire life. The big Jumbo Jet was less than half empty. We had booked seats in the first section room which guarantees you an extra leg room - for no extra charge. However, we said it is not enough and two of us slept in entire middle row on four seats, as many other passengers. Really, it was like flying on our own private Jumbo Jet. Flight ended fast and a sunny Denver welcomed us on time.

We checked in to the Westin hotel at the airport for one night, took shower and went to Pepsi Center for our first game. Lukasz from Poland, who lives in the US for more than a year on a working visa, came to the arena at the beginning of the second period due a weather delayed on his way from Chicago. After meeting with our long time friends from Colorado, we were ready to enjoy the game against the Leafs. Sadly, even after good effort, some stupid penalties occurred, goalies had no chance and Avs lost another game. Despite our relaxed flight from Europe, I had started to be really tired. A train ride back to the airport was long. I hate a jet lag! Of course I was woken up in the middle of the night like nothing…

Today, on Wednesday, we are flying to Las Vegas for a short trip until Friday. Avs will play a road game in Winnipeg during this time. The whole Invasion group will met on Friday.

- David

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