10. 2. 2009
Back from the second game in the NY-area. Today I traveled to the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum for an Islanders game against the LA Kings. The arena is probably the oldest and smallest one in the NHL, so the seats in the building looked very old. Originally I had tickets in the upper sections, but on the way to Hempstead, Long Island, I met a guy who comes from Denver and was going to the game too, because he is an Avalanche- and Kings-fan. He had tickets for the first row, but his friend could not go to the game, so I got a free upgrade for the first row. The building was half full because of the bad play of the Islanders this season, but the game was exciting to watch. It was also the first shootout for me on this trip. But its an horrible ride by train to get to this coliseum. It takes you about 75 minutes to get there. I was surprised because i thought this should not be a long way from Manhatten. Tomorrow I have my final game of this NHL-trip on the east with Rangers playing against the Capitals. So stay tuned!

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