10. 2. 2010
Big couple of days for us in Denver. The city's big legends were there, just in front of our ways. First, the Blues game and another chance to see Joe Sakic after the game. We didn't see that, but apparently he was enjoying a nice conversation with another possible hall of famer and former teammate Paul Karyia. Then yesterday, at the Nuggets-Mavs game, John Elway was in attendance. Sitting a couple of rows behind the basket, he signed a football and then threw two passes to Rocky, the mascot. Two, because Rocky fumbled the first one. They don't make wide receivers like they used to... Still, Rocky is a pretty good athlete, he made his shot from the center, with the back to the basket, from the third try. That's the third game in a row that he makes it. Coincidence or not, I've been to all these games. So I'm thinking it's not a coincidence. I'm just spreading my good luck all over the place.

The Blues game was an exciting one, with the Avs going down two times, 1-0 and 2-1, but after that it was all Avalanche until the end. Stewart had a monster game, adding a Gordie Howe hat-trick to his record. But his goal and two assists only got him second star of the game, the first one was the emerging Brandon Yip, with two goals and three in his last two games. My only concern is that this young stars that keep adding points, like Stewey, Yip, Duchene, Galiardi and even Jones, once he gets better might take the route opened by Cody next season. Remember last year? When the team was struggling, Cody was one of the few bright spots, scoring, fighting, working really hard. I'm not saying that he's not working, not by far, but it just doesn't work out for him. Let's just hope that today's youngsters will have a better sophomore season. And before everybody jumps on me, I know that Stewart is not a rookie.

Today, the Thrashers come to town, but it's like the Russian Olympic team would go to Vancouver without Ovie. Kovalchuk is gone and we'll see if Atlanta we'll fight to prove that they can mange very well without him or if they lost their on ice compass. Until then, we're going to take the Pepsi Center tour which promises to be pretty interesting.

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